Coffee Production In Ethiopia

The Best Quality Coffee Beans

When you drink your first morning coffee, have you thought about where it comes from? If you haven’t, but you want to know, check out Ethiopian coffe.

The birthplace of coffee is Ethiopia. Today, it is the fifth largest coffee producing country in the world. In Africa, it ranks first in terms of production. How much coffee means to Ethiopians is shown by the fact that they drink half of their production.

Rituals of coffee drinking have remained with Ethiopians for centuries, so they can spend hours preparing and serving coffee.

Depending on the area where coffee grows, there are many different types of coffee. One of the most famous is Sidamo. Since coffee originates from this region, that’s how it got its name. It grows at an altitude of 1,500 to 2,200 meters, and such grains are considered “Strictly grown at high altitudes”.

Ethiopian Coffe

Due to the slightly colder climate, coffee grows more slowly and because the growth and ripening process takes a long time, the beans can better absorb nutrients. That way they have stronger flavors.

Another quality coffee bean is Genika. It is small and has a grayish color, but it has a perfect taste, so this coffee is highly valued.

Harar is one of the oldest types of coffee. It grows in the eastern part of Ethiopia. the grains are greenish-yellow in color and medium in size. From this coffee, the shell of the bean is used to prepare excellent tea.

In addition to the division from which area they come, coffees from Ethiopia can also be classified according to the size of the beans. You can read about all this on ethiopian coffee.

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